If You Don't Like Me
(Ken Double)

If you don't like me
You can always leave
I won't go chasing
Some late reprieve
If I say something
That you don't believe
If you don't like me
You can always leave

Boy I bet you're glad you married me
Saved from your natural dignity
There's a truth I know you wanna hear
But this is not the place to tell you, dear
Up and down and round and round
You can't let go

I'm a stupid man but I'm too smart to let it show
Take a look inside my heart, you'll find it pumps too slow
If I never told you the place we're going to
If I never chose you then from today I do

I dreamed that we agreed on everything
Lost my courage, you lost the ring
I complained that you never trusted me
I got stoned and you got custody
Must have been the drink I had to calm me down