Ivory and Porcelain
(Alan Gebbie)

A sunshine stroll with a parasol
A field of poppies and a cameo role
Life is oh so sweet, feel the grass beneath their feet
The eunuch and the concubine
Mutter sweet nothings while the weather's fine
Appearances deceive, what a tangled web they weave

Ivory and porcelain
A face against the window pane
The ground is soaked in summer rain
And the orange tree is full of fruit

The emperor looks so sad and lost
How does he pay for the mounting cost?
The eunuch is perverse, but the concubine is worse
The empire's crumbling day by day
And tinseltown has lost its way
For what was meant to last, a weighted die's been cast

My petite cherie digs chinoiserie
A paper lantern and a willow tree
You keep spots I'll keep bamboo, a cameo in cobalt blue
The songbird sings its lonely song
A nightingale that won't stay long
He will not sing at any price in this garden set in paradise