Little Friend of all the World
(Alan Gebbie)

Little friend of all the world please walk a while with me
I'm looking for my river and I need the company
And you can beg and steal for me
And conjure up a meal for me

Little friend of all the world you know I can't believe
For every situation you have something up your sleeve
I've seen the way they take your word
Such calm persuasion's seldom heard

Little Friend we'll take the road and see what's meant to be
The sun is on the river and the wind is in the trees
The world it turns so slowly in this land so big and holy

Little Friend of all the world your future is assured
Please take this opportunity after all that we've endured
The time is getting nearer and the air is getting clearer
I've never seen such cunning and such courage too
But its loyalty that really is the make of you
We're sure with good intention
To find my river of redemption

Little friend of all the world you pin me down
Please tell me what it takes to turn your head around
The truth's a trail left in the sand
That reaches far beyond this land